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Child Custody Disputes

Average completion time for this type of investigation: 45 - 90 days


As our client, we look at all angles and situations to aid you in gaining custody of the child in question.  Children deserve to be and feel safe.  We want to ensure that the child in question is in a safe environment.  We collect details from you, then conduct our own research to find the best course to achieve this goal. 

Why begin a child custody investigations?

- Child custody investigations can help you lower your child support if you are paying or raise child support if you are receiving payments. 

- Child custody investigations can ensure the other party is spending time with your child.

- Child custody investigations can verify your child is being housed in a safe environment and around safe people. 

Every case might be different, but every child deserves to be treated with dignity, cared for and loved.  We have a high success rate when it comes to locating children and getting them back into the arms of our clients, in a safe and legal manner.  We are available for these investigations throughout the State of Texas including Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and San Antonio. 


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