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GPS Tracking

Gathering a pattern of life is important to all investigations.  This gives the detectives a way to understand the routines of the subject and to plan the best course of action.  Tracking of a vehicle to understand the daily routine takes the guesswork when detectives are conducting preliminary research with an intent to conduct surveillance.  Data received from the tracker is updated in an investigative report which is provided to the client at the end of the investigation. 

We will not request our client to place the tracker.  Our trained detectives will provide placement of the tracker and will pull the tracker upon completion.  Each of our detectives are trained in the correct placement and the best placement of the tracker and our standard it 10 seconds or less when it comes to completing a GPS drop or a GPS pull. 

Trackers can be placed inside the vehicle or on the outside of the vehicle.  This depends on the access the client has to the vehicle, and/or the amount of time that is available to place the tracker.  We have trackers that are available for short term (1-10 days) as well as trackers with an extended battery which are our long-term trackers (2-8 weeks).

*stipulations apply

Average completion time for this type of investigation: 7 - 14 days (depends on client needs)

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