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Persons Locates

Finding people, also known as a skip trace, is an invaluable service to many. 


Reasons we have offered this service are plenty:

·         Highschool reunions

·         Finding biological parents after adoption

·         Finding runaway teens

·         Finding family for emergency messages

·         Finding missing persons

·         Finding respondents for process service

·         Locating respondents and witnesses

·         Locating vehicles for repossession

We use specialized databases to locate possible addresses and phone numbers, then we take several days to verify this information by calling each phone number and depending on the clients budget, we can send detectives out to addresses on file to make an in person verification. 

We cannot guarantee the speed at which we find the subject of the locate.  However, our average turnaround time is seven days.  This is because we take several days to verify data before it is presented to the client. 

Average time to complete a persons locate: 7 - 10 days

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