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HireaSpy Phone Application

HireaSpy will be a phone application similar to Bark and Thumbtack in that it will link Clients with Private Investigators nationwide.  This application will be free of charge for both contractors and clients to use. HireaSpy Beta version will be launching in the apple and google play stores by 1 July 2022! Licensed PI's may fill out the interest form by clicking below. 

Interest fom

Q & A

How does it work?

There is a client facing side and a PI facing side to the application.  The client will go in and make a request.  One of our case managers will reach out to the client to get the details and create the file.  Once the client pays, the case will show up to the three contractors closest to the case.  The main goal, City/State, estimated number of hours and amount paid to PI will be included.  The PI can accept or reject the case.  If the case is accepted the PI receives all of the client's information and the case file.  When the case is completed, the PI will send a request to close the case. The client can accept or decline (and pay additional monies).  Upon completion the client can rate the PI. 

Have additional questions or feedback? Let us know!

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