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How Tracie Investigations Partners with Trusty Card Inc. to Secure Heirs Their Rightful Inheritance

At Tracie Investigations, we understand the importance of connecting heirs to their rightful inheritance, whether it stems from a long-lost family member's will or from unclaimed properties. In many cases, beneficiaries might not even be aware of the assets they're entitled to. Our mission is to ensure that they're not only made aware, but that they also have a hassle-free process of claiming and utilizing those funds. This is where our partnership with Trusty Card Inc. comes into play.

Locating Heirs: A Commitment to Excellence

Tracie Investigations deploys a multi-pronged strategy to locate heirs:

1. Deep Research: We dive deep into various databases, both public and private, to trace family trees, gather evidence, and connect the dots. We tap into archives, court records, obituaries, and even conduct interviews when necessary.

2. Nationwide Network: With a network that spans the entire united States (and then some), we can locate heirs regardless of where they currently reside.

3. Privacy Assurance: Understanding the sensitive nature of our work, we guarantee the privacy and security of the information we handle.

The Trusty Card Inc. Advantage

Once an heir is located, especially if they're a minor or someone the trust does not want direct contact with, the process of disbursing funds can become cumbersome. Traditional methods like checks can be inefficient, and direct bank transfers can require sharing more information than either party is comfortable with.

Trusty Card Inc. offers an innovative solution to this challenge. Here's how it works:

1. Automated Payment System: Trusty Card Inc.'s robust and secure payment system allows trustees to set up payments for beneficiaries seamlessly.

2. Issuance of a Bank Card: After the initial setup, Trusty Card Inc. issues a bank card to the beneficiary. This card can be used just like any other bank card, providing heirs with instant access to their funds without any of the complications or wait times associated with checks.

3. Cost-Efficient: The entire service is billed directly to the trust, ensuring no out-of-pocket expenses for the beneficiary.

4. Safety and Privacy: Beneficiaries don't need to share their bank details or engage in direct communication if they choose not to. The card system ensures safety, discretion, and convenience.

Seamless Collaboration

When Tracie Investigations locates an heir, we work closely with Trusty Card Inc. to initiate the payment process. Even if an heir was previously unknown, our combined efforts ensure they receive what is rightfully theirs in the most efficient way possible.

In a world where unclaimed assets often remain just that—unclaimed—we're proud to be the bridge that not only finds the rightful owners but also ensures they have a smooth, modern method to access those assets. Our collaboration with Trusty Card Inc. underlines our commitment to both innovation and compassion, making sure no heir is left behind and no asset remains unclaimed.

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