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This is the main service that comes to mind when clients think of a reason to hire a private detective.  Surveillance is invaluable when the client is seeking photo and video evidence for personal satisfaction and/or court evidence.  Surveillance can be done almost anywhere and our discreet detectives are able to blend into nearly any setting and situation.  

Types of surveillance:

- Standing surveillance is commonly called a stakeout.  These are when the detectives are sitting in a vehicle and watching a location.  The location can be a house, apartment, job site or even a commercial property.  

- Running surveillance, or tailing, is done when the client wishes to know where someone is going over the course of a day.  Tailing someone is going to get you the best information because it gives a global view of a persons day to day activities including who they meet, if they pickup/drop-off anyone or if they are picked up/dropped off anywhere.  It also gives the client an idea of their attitudes towards others which is particularly useful when the client wants to know if the subject is flirtatious or upset. 

- Undercover surveillance is used when the detective must have specific access to an area that not everyone is going to have access to.  This can be as simple as going into a restaurant and dining near the subject and as complicated as obtaining a job at the subjects place of business. 


Many times surveillance is used for infidelity cases, child custody disputes and workers compensation claims.  Surveillance is coupled with other services such as GPS tracking and background verifications.

Average completion time for this type of investigation: 30 - 60 days depending on goal

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