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Conventional Camera

Case Studies

Case studies are provided so that potential clients may understand our services in a more situational environment.  We understand that potential clients may be conducting their own research concerning who to hire to handle their case needs. These case studies will help to give an idea of services, expected length and costs associated as previously billed. 

Countryside Kiss

Houston Lovers

Client suspected their fiancee of cheating. We conducted surveillance throughout the course of six months and the subject never met with another man. Within this time frame the client married the subject. The client became ill from covid and the subject left that day to go to Houston. Our team followed and caught her kissing another man.

Case closed: infidelity found

Length of case: 6 months

Cost: $6800

Urban Traffic

Cameras are watching

Client needed to locate their ex to serve a restraining order. The client had no idea where the ex was. We began research on the case.  Found the ex's vehicle had been spotted by a traffic camera four states over. The client had no idea the ex had left the state. We were able to secure a good address to serve the restraining order. 

Case closed: Address Found

Length of case: 10 days

Cost: $500

Handgun and  Ammunition

Evidence doesn't lie

Client requested our assistance for a criminal defense case.  Subject had a court appointed attorney and we were able to get the court to pay for the cost to hire our team. Subject was adamant that he did not have a gun and did not kill anyone.  Our evidence found that the subject did have a gun. Once the evidence was gathered, our detective discussed the case with the court appointed attorney.  When the subject was approached with all evidence he admitted having a gun.  The attorney was able to utilize this for a guilty plea but prove the action was in self defense. Subject was sentenced to 15 years, however we believe with good behavior and time served he will be released within 5 years. 

Case closed: Evidence found

Length of case: 22 months

Cost: $0 (court appointed)

Examining an X-Ray

Cancer Diagnosis

Client hired Tracie Investigations on Christmas Eve to find missing fiancee who had been diagnosed with cancer and was showing signs of depression due to the diagnosis. The subject had left home and was now missing. We had an idea that the subject might be in a certain 10 mile radius. Within a day were able to pinpoint the exact hotel the missing person was staying at. We were unable to perform a health and welfare check due to hotel policy but were able to confirm he was there. Client did not want surveillance done to gather photo evidence of the subjects well being.

Case closed: Subject found

Length of case: 2 days

Cost: $650

Image by Colin Davis

Drugs or Nah? 

Client suspected the subject of drug use while living in the clients home.  We  brought in a K9 to verify if drugs were in the home. K9 found residue throughout the subjects bedroom. Our detectives were able to establish surveillance and capture eradic behavior. The case went to court and custody was won by the client. 

Case closed: Evidence found

Length of case: 4 weeks

Cost: $2200

Business Meeting

Business Symposium

Client, a small business owner, wanted to verify attendance of his employees at an event. The event was a closed event.  The client felt that attendance meant breach of contract. Detectives were able to not only gather photo evidence of the attendees, but were also able to gather a list of all attendees establishing their presence throughout the entirety of the event.  

Case closed: Evidence found

Length of case: 1 day

Cost: $450

Moving a Couch


Client hired Tracie Investigations after they had been in a vehicle accident. The subject was the other driver and was claiming injury. The client wanted verification that the subject had been injured in the accident. We established surveillance over two weekends and found the claimant moving heavy furniture into the house, mowing/gardening and carrying heavy groceries with ease. 

Case closed: Subject not injured

Length of case: 2 weeks

Cost: $1600

Crime Scene Tape

FOUND - missing person

Client hired us to find her fiance who was missing. He had been out drinking the night before and always comes home, however this time he did not. He had been missing over a week and unfortunately the police were not helping.  Our detects followed the trail of evidence which put him walking along the highway, midday, in a Texas summer, without water and dehydrated from being intoxicated the night before. Our detectives feared for the worst and believed he may have died of exhaustion out there. We notified the police and requested their assistance for human remains dogs (ours were unavailable at the time). The police complied and located the missing persons body less than 1/4 mile away from where we believed it was. While this was not the happiest outcome it gave closure.


Case closed: Found

Length of case: 3 weeks

Cost: $1200

Holding Hands

The 3-day case

Client hired us to see if wife was cheating. Day-1 a tracker was placed. Day- 3 we saw irregular driving patterns. Surveillance was established and she was found kissing another woman. Client was able to prove infidelity in court. 

Case closed: Infidelity proven

Length of case: 3 days

Cost: $1300

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