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When to hire a Private Detective

Usually when I mention my profession (as a PI) in the course of a conversation I tend to get a snarky response with a chuckle. While many people love to see Private Detectives in movies and TV shows, people don't actually know when to hire a detective in real life.

This discussion is going focus on WHEN you should hire a Private Detective. This discussion is not an all inclusive list, but will give you the three (3) most common scenarios on when the best time to hire a Private Detective would be.

Let's begin.

CRIMINAL DEFENSE - If you or someone you know has been arrested and accused of any crime, hiring a Private Investigator could help you get evidence to fight the arrest. The best time to hire is as as soon as possible after the arrest takes place. This is because your detective needs to be able to perform tasks such as preserving cell phone data, camera footage, and/or take statements, before this information is no longer readily available or attainable. Furthermore, you do not need to wait until you have an attorney to hire a detective and your attorney will thank you when they see you have promising tangible evidence, to help them defend you in court.


INFIDELITY - This is possibly one of the main reasons people think to hire a Private Detective. If there is a fear that a partner is being unfaithful, then a Private Investigator can help to corroborate these fears, or simply find the truth behind the distance the couples are experiencing. If a cheating partner is suspected then the best time to hire the Private Detective is when certain signs are first noticed. Some signs of a cheating partner are:

- Sudden increase in fitness or tanning

- Becoming secretive with phone usage

- Taking longer to come home from work

- Disinterest in the partner

- Irritability when questioned

When these signs are noticed, it is wise to remain calm and seek consultation from a licensed Private Detective. Severe questioning can lead to additional problems or can lead to the subject becoming overly attentive, making an ongoing investigation difficult.


MISSING PERSONS - I get missing persons flyers sent to me all the time to help. I typically reach out to offer a free consultation and to help point them in the right direction. When I speak to these individuals there are typically a few similarities:

- They have already contacted the Police.

- The Police are not offering results (police specialize in criminal not civil).

- The individual has been receiving ransom after ransom from scammers.

- The individual typically does not feel the need to hire a P.I.

The truth of the matter is the longer you wait to hire a Private Detective for a missing persons case, the colder the leads get. Often times Private Detectives are able to work with local law enforcement on missing persons cases. Private Detectives help by digging up leads for both themselves and for local law enforcement to follow.

In conclusion, hire your private detective sooner rather than later! Even if you do not hire, at least seek consultation so that a trained professional can offer advice in an area in which they have an expertise. No matter your budget, we here at Tracie Investigations LLC are able to offer both a free consultation and a plan of action with your budget in mind. While we are based in Arlington, TX, we operate throughout the state of Texas and are available statewide with our network of licensed detectives including; Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.

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