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Child Custody Disputes

As our client, we look at all angles and situations to aid you in gaining custody of the child in question.  Children deserve to be and feel safe.  We want to ensure that the child in question is in a safe environment.  We collect details from you, then conduct our own research to find the best course to achieve this goal.  Every case might be different, but every child deserves to be treated with dignity, cared for and loved.  We have a high success rate when it comes to locating children and getting them back into the arms of our clients, in a safe and legal manner.

Infidelity Cases

Whether you are married and considering divorce, or just looking to see if your significant other is doing what they say they are doing.  We pride ourselves in the ability to think outside of the box to get you the evidence that you need.  Our infidelity cases are tailored to your needs and goal and include targeted surveillance, cell phone recovery, tracking vehicles setting up cameras and processes service if need be. We also offer other services contracted through partner companies to include DNA testing and polygraphs.

Persons Locates

Finding people, also known as a skip trace, is an invaluable service to many.  Reasons we have offered this service are plenty:

  • Highschool reunions

  • Finding biological parents after adoption

  • Finding runaway teens

  • Finding family for emergency messages

  • Finding missing persons

  • Locating respondents and witnesses

  • Locating vehicles for repossession

We cannot guarantee the speed at which we find the subject of the locate.  However, our average turnaround time is seven days.  This is because we take several days to verify data before it is presented to the client. 


This is the main service that comes to mind when clients think of a reason to hire a private detective.  Surveillance is invaluable when the client is seeking photo and video evidence for personal satisfaction and/or court evidence.  Many times surveillance is coupled with other services such as GPS tracking and background verifications.

GPS Tracking

Gathering a pattern of life is important to all investigations.  This gives the detectives a way to understand the routines of the subject and to plan the best course of action.  Tracking of a vehicle to understand the daily routine takes the guesswork when detectives are conducting preliminary research with an intent to conduct surveillance.  Data received from the tracker is updated in an investigative report which is provided to the client at the end of the investigation.


Trackers can be placed inside the vehicle or on the outside of the vehicle.  This depends on the access the client has to the vehicle, and/or the amount of time that is available to place the tracker.  We have trackers that are available for short term (1-10 days) as well as trackers with an extended battery which are our long-term trackers (2-8 weeks).

*stipulations apply

Scent Tracking

Scent tracking is an asset not many facilities have.  We are lucky to have a detective with a trained scent dog.  This is imperative for cases such as missing persons and missing pets.  As long as you are able to provide an object with the scent of the subject, our scent dog is able to give us a trail of where this individual or animal went.  This can only be done after our detectives have narrowed down the geographical location.  Only then can our Scent dog focus on pinpointing the location. 

Background Verifications

Understanding someone’s prior behaviors can offer insight to not only their past, but sometimes to their present-day habits.  We offer flat fee background verifications as long as Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is provided.  If no PII is available, there is an additional fee to find this information before background verification is completed. We are able to check the backgrounds of:

  • Employees

  • Significant others

  • Step parents

  • Babysitters and nannies

  • Family members

Process Service and Court Walkthroughs

Process Service should be simple.  We offer a solution to getting documents served quickly and efficiently.  Our process servers are knowledgeable in the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and are Certified by the JBCC.  For each serve we offer a flat fee per document which includes three attempts at the address given.  In the event that these three attempts are unsuccessful, we craft an affidavit in support of substitute service.  This ensures that regardless of whether the respondent is evading service, they WILL receive these documents as long as we have a signed order for substitute service.  After each successful serve, the paperwork is efiled at no additional cost.


For rush service or serves which are of high importance, we offer court walkthroughs to gain judges signatures, conform paperwork, and pickup the files from document production at Tarrant county courthouse and adjacent counties.  This is especially common for setting hearings for Restraining Orders.  Furthermore, our process service department and investigations department are able to work hand in hand if a civil standby is needed to help a client leave a possibly dangerous situation.

Cell Phone Monitoring

Cell phone monitoring is when software is downloaded onto a device to monitor texting traffic, call logs, location, phone applications used, social media, or simply the entire device. This is best for parent to monitor what is going on in a child phone.  This can be used by parents who wish to know what their teenager children are sending and receiving.  It is also used by parents who may have shared custody and simply want to know their child where abouts over the summer and long holidays apart.  


We have several options for this:

1) Download the software to a device in hand and pay the monthly subscription for full access: $599 for 6 months or 999 for 1 year

*must have access to the phone

2) Send an over the air download to a device using on the same Wi-Fi network: starts at $50/mo

3) Purchase a new phone with the software already installed starts at $400

*Gains most access

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Tracie and his firm are the best at what they do. he listens to your concerns and puts you at ease. He solved my infidelity case in 1 day. I was blown away by how fast they got the work done and gave me the answers and peace of mind I needed.


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Frequently asked Questions

Can you look into windows? 

No, while we are licensed detectives do gain immunity from loitering laws, we still must adhere to the local laws and guidelines, this includes respecting privacy and private property. We will not look into windows or backyards.

What can I expect?

After you have paid your retainer, you will be assigned a detective.  This detective will reach out to you and get all details needed to begin you case.  From here the detective will work with the case manager to secure a plan of action and continuously move your case forward.  While contact with the client is limited once the case begins, the client will always be informed of major developments as they occur.

How long will my case take?

This depends.  Each case is different.  The timeline will be discussed at the time of consultation.  Some cases are completed within a couple of days, other cases may take months to acquire the evidence needed to close the case.

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